​Benefits of Membership

​In addition to the guaranteed perks included with membership, some also find these invaluable rewards in the association.

A membership in the PSYOP Regimental Association provides members opportunities to network with fellow PSYOP professionals throughout the Regiment and throughout the country. Developing a professional network within the PSYOP Regimental Association can prove useful in professional development, career progression and opportunities outside the military.

The PSYOP Regimental Association is an organization that seeks to provide a sense of fraternity to all who have contributed to the success of the PSYOP Regiment. As our branch continues to mature, what we need is a unifying factor or an identity greater than the PSYOP Battalion. The PSYOP Regimental Association seeks to provide the sense of brotherhood (or sisterhood) in our profession that so many other US Army Regimental Associations have been able to achieve.  

The PSYOP Regimental Association seeks to further the causes relevant to our membership. As our membership grows and we bring more PSYOP professionals in the National Capital Region into the fold, we will begin to establish a presence in Washington, DC. We will leverage these members to gain and spread knowledge throughout the Regiment about the PSYOP-relevant developments in Congress. Eventually, as we gain more and more influential members, we will be able to make our voices heard at the policy level. Additionally, we will have influential members with the ability to place pressure on other topics of interest to the Regiment, such as returning the name of our profession to one that truly reflects who we are: PSYOP; bringing Information Operations under the umbrella of PSYOP; restoring our Reserve PSYOP brothers and sisters to a position alongside Active Duty PSYOP under one command.

The PSYOP Regimental Association seeks to unite all PSYOP professionals for the betterment of our Regiment. We seek to tear down the notion of the “MISOC Island” where once a PSYOP professional is PCS’ed from the MISOC, they are forgotten. The PSYOP Regimental Association is the mechanism that will afford PSYOP professionals the means to maintain their professional networks and to remain relevant by staying abreast of the latest techniques and innovations shared across the Regiment through our Association newsletter/publication. Additionally, we seek to strengthen the bonds between the Active Force and the Reserve Component, between NCOs and Officers, between military and civilians, and to continue to serve the current and former broadcasters, printers and graphic illustrators of the Regiment.

The PSYOP Regimental Association seeks to honor those PSYOP professionals that have paid the ultimate price in defense of freedom for our great nation. No gesture or memorial can ever adequately pay tribute to those brothers and sisters in arms that we have lost, but it remains our duty to honor their memory and their legacy. As an Association, we will create tangible reminders of the price our fallen have paid for those on their left and those on their right.

The PSYOP Regimental Association seeks to preserve the history and traditions of all PSYOP units and their predecessors. We recognize that our living history must be as much a part of this organization as those that currently serve. 

Our profession has a long history and plays such a pivotal role in Army operations. We have an enormous amount to be proud of and the PSYOP Regimental Association seeks to foster pride in our Regiment by enhancing all those factors listed above.

Membership Categories

Active Member: Any Soldier, Noncommissioned Officer, Officer, Active duty, Reserve, Retired Civilian, Contractor, Sister Service, or Allied Soldier that has contributed to the success of the Psychological Operations Regiment, and such other persons as may be approved by the Executive Council.

Lifetime Member: Any person from the Active members category who apply for and are granted such Lifetime status after payment of a onetime single level of dues, and fulfillment of other obligations and requirements as might be established by the Executive Council.

Honorary Member: A right bestowed by the Executive Council to individuals who hold significant positions within the Armed Forces, government, or civilian sector and further the objectives and purposes of the Association.

Corporate Member: Membership granted to corporate entities wishing to contribute funds, sponsor, or otherwise support the Association.

Charter Member: Members who joined within the early months of Association (chapter) formation and paid additional funds to be recognized as a Charter Member.

​Benefits of membership


​​Any person interested in the aims, objectives, and purposes of the Association, as set forth in the bylaws is eligible to apply for membership in the Association.