PRA Organization

The Psychological Operations Regimental Association (PRA) is a Veteran Service Organization for all who have ever served or supported a PSYOP unit or PSYOP mission  in both the Active and Reserve components or sister services.  The PRA is also for those who have an interest in PSYOP and have never served or supported a PSYOP unit or mission.  The association's mission includes networking, fraternity, and advocacy.  The PSYOP Regimental Association was established at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, as a private nonprofit organization incorporated effective 14 November 2012 in the state of North Carolina.  The association's financial processes began in February 2013 upon the association's establishment of a PayPal account to receive membership payments.  The PSYOP Regimental Association was approved as a tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(19) with an effective date of February 16, 2016.


  • ​Foster tradition, history and camaraderie among all Officers, and Noncommissioned Officers; Active Duty and Reserve; Sister Service; Civilian and Retired; Printers, Broadcasters, and Graphic Designers that have contributed to the success of the Psychological Operations Regiment.
  • Educate the PSYOP Force and circulate professional ideas through publishing a regular Association publication available to all members and by hosting professional lectures to further educate members of the PSYOP Regiment.
  • Recognize excellence within the PSYOP Regiment through the Regimental Awards program, recognizing outstanding Soldier efforts in Psychological Operations Training programs and PSYOP Soldiers and NCOs of the Year.
  • Commemorate fittingly the memory of Psychological Operations personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of American ideals.
  • To be a source of Pride and esprit de corps for all Psychological Operations / Military Information Support Operations units. 



Any person interested in the aims, objectives, and purposes of the Association, as set forth in the bylaws is eligible to apply for membership in the Association.

Terms of Membership

Memberships shall remain in effect so long as the member maintains current membership status by payment of dues and meets such other requirements as may be established by the Executive Council.  Members who do not pay their membership dues during the payment period will have their membership privileges suspended until their payments are made current.  Annual members who wish to convert their memberships to a lifetime membership must pay the full lifetime rate, regardless of the number of years they have contributed annual dues.

Members may be removed from membership for illegal activities and / or conduct detrimental to the image and integrity of the Association.  Evidence will be made available to the Executive Council regarding infractions to these Bylaws.  The Executive Council has the final vote in terminating a membership.